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Moving House On A Budget

Moving House On A Budget

22Jan 2015

Moving house can be stressful, time consuming, and unfortunately quite expensive. By the time you go through the process of hiring a moving van, removal company or man with a van, the costs can certainly add up and leave you feeling somewhat frazzled. However, there is some cost saving solutions that you can put in place the next time you are undergoing home relocation. Consider these budgeting tips to save money with cheap removals.-    Sell items that you don’t really need or want anymore. Make sure they are quality condition and functioning well in order to make them worth selling.-    Donate items that you aren’t able to sell. Most charity stores accept clothing, toys, sports equipment and furniture. By donating items you will lessen the load that you need to pack for your move, and therefore save money. -    Have a firm idea of how much you are moving so that you can hire the perfect size van. Take measurements of your furniture items and count the number of boxes you need to transport before your hire moving companies, so that you can give them a figure and they can provide you with the right size removal van. It would be a shame to hire a van that is too big and waste money on that excess space, or get one that is too small and have to do multiple trips. It is more affordable to be accurate in this instance.-    Get packing supplies from supermarkets, liquor stores and bakeries. They always have excess cardboard boxes that they are willing to give to you if you ask. This will save you a lot of money, rather than buying overpriced packing boxes from moving companies. -    Recycle what you can and use it for packing. Things like tea towels can be used to wrap fragile items, and tubs or containers can be used to store things for small removals. -    Use butcher paper instead of bubble wrap to pack your fragile items. This will save you a considerable amount as the price of bubble wrap can be quite hefty when you have a whole household to move. -    Time your move for the middle of the month. Mid-month or mid-week is considered the ‘off time’ in moving house so rates are generally cheaper. Be prepared and organised so that you can avoid moving on a busy weekend. Ultimately, the best way to save money when moving house is be organised and well prepared. Plan everything ahead of time and make key decisions early. It is worth doing a DIY job where it is convenient, such as stocking up your car with items that you will want straight away at the new house. It is more efficient and cost-effective to hire a professional mover to do the removal job for you. Professional moving companies are reliable and have the right tools, equipment and supplies to do the best job possible. Rather than breaking your back doing all the manual labour yourself, investing in a removal van or man with a van will actually save you money in the long run. Do your research and investigate a range of companies to get the best price quoted. If you plan in advance the cost of hiring the professionals will be quite reasonable, and will save you a lot of unwanted stress on your moving day!

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